What is Steel Keel Clamp?

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Steel Keel Clamps are a type of fixed clamp used in construction and interior construction projects. They are usually made of steel and are strong and durable.


Steel keel clamps are mainly used to fix and support lightweight steel keel structures, such as suspended ceilings, partition walls and ground systems. They ensure the stability and safety of the steel keel, allowing it to withstand various loads and pressures.


Steel keel clamps typically feature simple yet effective designs that are easy to install and adjust. They usually consist of two or more clamps that hold the steel keel in place through fastening bolts or other connection methods and ensure that its connection to other structural elements is strong and reliable.


Using steel keel clamps can improve construction efficiency and quality, reduce installation time and labor costs. They are widely used in many fields such as commercial buildings, offices, residences and public places, playing an important role in building structure and interior design.


What are the advantages of steel keel clamps?


1.Strong and sturdy

Steel keel clamps are generally made of steel, which has good strength and corrosion resistance and can maintain a long and stable service life.


2.Simple and easy to install

Steel keel clamps usually adopt a simple and effective design, which is easy to install and adjust, which can improve construction efficiency and reduce labor costs.


3.Stable and reliable

The steel keel clamp can ensure the stability and safety of the steel keel, allowing it to withstand various loads and pressures.



Steel keel clamps can be used in many building interior fields such as ceilings, partitions, and floor systems, and have a wide range of applications.


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