What are the different parts of a Combination Pliers?

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Pliers are multi-purpose hand tools used for bending and cutting wires. They are most typically used for gripping, compressing, bending, twisting, extracting and cutting various materials.The jaws are are used to bend, cut and slice wires, or for removing unwanted nails and tiny needles from a surface.When the handles are squeezed together, it amplifies the pressure exerted and the force between the jaws is greater than the users input pressure. This allows the tool to grip to be much tighter than using just your hand.Combination pliers are called such because they can perform a combination of jobs.


Why do combined clamps have so many functions, because each part of the combination pliers has a clear purpose.


Typically,The two handles of the pliers meet at a hinge called as the pivot point. It allows the handles to be opened and closed, which in turn, allow the jaws to open and close to perform gripping or cutting jobs.


The cutters are built into the jaws of the tool. They are positioned near the pivot point, which gives them the maximum leverage. Cutters are designed to cut cables and wire.


The pipe grip refers to a rounded serrated cut-out in the jaws.It is primarily used for holding rounded materials, like pipes and cables. Most combination pliers have a pipe grip, but not all of them.


Wire strippers is only found in pliers designed for electrical use. Wire strippers refer to small, rounded cutters that are used to cut the plastic insulation around a wire so it can be removed without damaging the wire.


Sometimes, combination pliers may come with a nail puller grip. This can help remove standard-size nails from a surface with little effort.

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